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Nearly everyone develops loose skin on the body due to weight loss or age-related fat loss. Patients may find loose, extra skin discouraging, particularly if they have undergone massive weight loss. This extra skin can distort the body’s proportions and cause discomfort due to overlapping skin. Several cosmetic surgeries can address extra skin. However, massive weight loss patients often benefit best from a body lift. Cameo Surgery Center provides the best body lift Long Island and NYC offers.

What Is A Body Lift?

A body lift—also called a circumferential body lift or lower body lift—is a skin removal surgery that involves an incision around the entirety of the lower torso. First, a traditional abdominoplasty incision along the lower abdomen makes up half of the incision. From there, both ends of the incision extend over the hips and meet in the middle of the lower back just above the buttocks.

While extensive, for patients who have large amounts of sagging skin, body lift procedures can have profound positive effects. Additionally, Dr. Blyer keeps the scar as low as possible which means that most of the time bikini bottoms and undergarments should cover any scarring.

Good candidates for a body lift will likely have copious amounts of extra skin along their abdomen and lower back. Other common traits among body lift surgery patients include:

  • Do not smoke
  • Overall good health
  • Can undergo a surgical session of multiple hours
  • Fully understand the surgery and recovery
  • Have realistic expectations and goals


A body lift comes with benefits and risks like all major surgeries. For good candidates, the benefits will outweigh the risks. However, during a consultation, Dr. B will evaluate each patient and their individual risk factors. Understanding the benefits and risks associated with Long Island body lift surgery helps patients make more informed decisions for better results.

The benefits of a circumferential body lift may include:

  • Tighter skin
  • Enhanced body contours that show true weight loss results
  • Flatter stomach
  • Lifted buttocks
  • Eliminate chafing and skin infections due to overlapping skin
  • Removes extra abdominal and back skin at once, avoiding separate procedures
  • Smoother body contours
  • May make it easier to exercise
  • Reduce clothing sizes
  • Can repair diastasis recti at the same time
  • Highly effective procedure
  • Can combine with other procedures (for qualifying patients)
  • Performed by one of NYC’s leading cosmetic surgeons


Risks of body lift surgery include risks present in nearly all surgeries. However, it does involve an extended surgical session which can add certain risks. The risks of a body lift may include:

  • Infection
  • Poor healing
  • Visible or raised scarring
  • Skin necrosis
  • Bleeding
  • Fluid collection
  • Hematoma
  • Severe or prolonged side effects
  • Complications of anesthesia

Major complications associated with body lift surgery rarely occur. When complications do occur, they are generally mild, treatable, and temporary. Dr. Blyer takes several steps to prevent complications.

Body Lift vs. Tummy Tuck

A body lift and tummy tuck are similar procedures. They both remove extra skin and address the abdomen. However, while all body lift patients will qualify for a tummy tuck, most tummy tuck patients will not qualify for a body lift. The table below details some of the distinctions between the two procedures.

Body Lift

  • Incision wraps completely around the body
  • Addresses back and buttocks along with flanks and abdomen
  • May or may not correct diastasis recti
  • More skin removed
  • Requires longer surgical time (four to six hours on average)

Tummy Tuck

  • Most extensive incision wraps around hips
  • Address the abdomen and occasionally the hips and flanks
  • Nearly always corrects diastasis recti
  • Less skin removed
  • Requires less surgical time (two to four hours on average)

Procedures Sometimes Included In A Body Lift

A body lift always includes the wrap around incision. However, occasionally, it can include other areas of the lower body. Dr. B can also combine a body lift with other procedures for some patients.

Tummy Tuck

A traditional tummy tuck incision makes up the abdominal portion of a lower body lift incision. Like with the original surgery, it is placed as low as possible. The incision allows Dr. B to access the abdominal muscles, remove excess skin, and pull the skin tight. He may also recreate the belly button for a natural and finished look.

Mons Pubis Lift

A mons pubis lift uses an incision placed roughly in the same area as an abdominoplasty incision. Instead of pulling the skin downward like with a tummy tuck, a mons pubis lift removes extra skin and tightens the pubis area (sometimes referred to as the “fupa”). This can be performed alongside a regular tummy tuck too.

Buttock Lift

The second portion of a body lift is the buttock lift. Unlike the popular Brazilian butt lift, a buttock lift removes extra, sagging skin that can sag over or onto the buttocks. This does not add volume but does help lift the buttocks and restore a perkier appearance.

Thigh Lift

During some body lift surgeries, Dr. Blyer can perform a thigh lift to address extra skin on the thighs. This can include creating a thigh gap or smoothing up the outsides of the thighs.

Brazilian Butt Lift

During some body lift surgeries, Dr. Blyer can perform a thigh lift to address extra skin on the thighs. This can include creating a thigh gap or smoothing up the outsides of the thighs.

Wonder Which Body Lift Option Works The Best For You?


Between a body lift and a tummy tuck, neither is better than the other. Both are highly effective surgeries that can completely transform the body. However, for patients with skin that extends onto the lower back or buttocks, they will see the best results from a body lift. Though, the right procedure will vary between patients. Dr. B can help patients determine the best cosmetic surgery during a consultation at Cameo Surgery Center.

A full body lift does come with a traditional surgical recovery. Patients can expect to take at least three weeks off work and two months off certain forms of exercise. Post-operative side effects may include pain, bruising, numbness, swelling, redness, and itchiness. Dr. Blyer will prescribe medications and provides instructions to help patients have a comfortable recovery. Some of the possible recovery instructions include:

  • Wear a compression garment
  • Stay hunched over/sitting up temporarily to prevent stress on the incision
  • Attend post-operative appointments
  • Rest, but also get up at least every few hours and go for a short walk around the house
  • Elevate head and legs when sleeping and resting
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Okay to return to a normal, healthy diet as long as nausea and vomiting are not present

The most frequently seen body lift patient are people who have massive amounts of weight. They have had weight loss or bariatric surgery. Though, patients who did it through diet and exercise also frequently seek out body lift surgery towards the end of their weight loss journey and/or once at their goal weight.

A full body lift with DrBFixin is $19,999. This cost only includes the cost of the body lift alone and does not include other procedures such as liposuction or a BBL. With that said, prices do go down when combining surgeries with Dr. B.

The Top Body Lift Surgery In Long Island & NYC

Cameo Surgery Center is a leading cosmetic surgery center on Long Island, New York. Located in Islandia, the practice accommodates patients from all over the world. Along with high-end cosmetic surgery, Dr. Scott Blyer and his team also offer non-surgical procedures and treatments. DrBFixin offers the best body lift Long Island and NYC provide.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 631-232-2636. Patients can also reach out online to book their appointment.

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